Published on October 2022 | Over the top video streaming platforms, digital video media

A Study on the Framework of Analyzing Female Portrayal on OTT Screen (Especial Reference to Indian Web Series)
Authors: Kritika Sharma
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Journal Name: Journal of Global Communication
Volume: 14 Issue: 2 Page No: 94-99
Indexing: Google Scholar

“It is fascinating, it cringes, and it is OTT”. With over 300 million active users per months per the Brand Equity Foundation, 2020 OTT has become one of the largest platforms in existence. With the establishment of digital media platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hot star and other OTT streaming services, the web stories are viewed as an absolute platform for narrating female-centric stories and reflecting their ideology. Such web-series culture initiates the new wave of narrating women-centric stories reflecting their realities and also break the stereotype culture of women in India. A number of shows, series and a creative content such as Aarya, four more shots please, Tribhanga, Delhi crime that have done well and exploring a lot of female oriented narrative. The rise of digital content in the form of web series began abruptly in 2014. These web series were not only acknowledged womanhood but also focus on topic that are not raised up by mainstream media such as LGBTQ issues, dysfunctional relations, untold stories. Web series have embarked to highlight gender identity, normalize sexuality and showcase women real stories. The study aims to illustrate the ideology of Feminism in the selected Indian web series. This paper aims to analyze the content centered around the aspirations and struggles of women. The researcher has taken some Indian web series for this analysis and examine how they represent Feminism philosophy and also explore their blemish breaking content. The research is conducted by summarizing the data gathered from Web series through textual analysis and observation. This study helps in understanding the change in women centric content and also Scrutinize how these Web series are breaking the chain of T.V. soap operas and Stereotype of women Identity.

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