Published on December 2016 | Computer Networks

A Rate adaptation algorithm for IEEE802.11 wireless networks for commercial applications
Authors: Jeba Sonia J, Julia Punitha Malar Dhas
View Author: Dr. Jeba Sonia J
Journal Name: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Volume: 9 Issue: 4 Page No: 1904-1909
Indexing: SCOPUS

The industrial communication systems, the performances of IEEE802.11 are essential. In which the actions of IEEE802.11 wireless LANs are attracted by the characteristics of the wireless channels which reflects the Signal-to-interference-Noise Ratio. Since the y operate in harsh environments of the Industries. If the modulation techniques are adopted at lower data rate and they are considered to be as robust full so IEEE802.11 WLAN specifications are must to adapt with the transmission rate. But these standards are not defining any rate adaptation techniques and they are submitting the adjustment of transmission rate to the device holder’s choice. This paper is mainly focusing on the Rate Adaptation technique for the Communication systems on the industries wish is always facing high reliability and other timer requirements. Here we are comparing the performance of this Rate Adaptation technique with the traditional Auto Rate Fall-back mechanism with set of special experiments.

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